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Come to my Castle
Undress your senses

Discover an untold and unexpected Dracula Extravaganza,

that will undress your senses.

It is thé world exclusive event concept of 2024-2025 by MICE Romania,

part of MICE International.

So you dare!


Now prepare to witness Dracula as you've never seen him before!

“Dracula's Extravaganza“


Where every sensation is an experience of becoming Dracula himself. Through taste, smell, touch, sound, and sight, embark on an immersive vampire journey like no other.   Feel the chill of the castle's stone walls, hear the whispers of centuries-old secrets, see the flicker of candlelight casting eerie shadows. Let the rich scents of ancient texts and forbidden potions fill your nostrils, and taste the anticipation of the supernatural lurking around every corner.

Created by Marc Bogaerts

Marc Bogaerts, a true visionary in contemporary choreography, is a multifaceted artist known for his contributions to the world of dance and acts.

Entertainment of the highest level

Interactive Enchantment by Eric Noiset

Dracula's Extravaganza promises to awaken all your senses and transport you into the heart of darkness, where you'll embrace the essence of the legendary vampire himself, played by Eric Noiset, an excelent mentalist, hypnotist and magician.

Event Believing

This is not just an event; it's a new paradigm of immersive entertainment. "Come to My Castle" challenges conventional boundaries, inviting you to believe in the magic, embrace the mystery, and redefine what an event can be.

About us

Romania is a safe, fast-developing Central European country. We (MICE Romania, part of MICE International) have a very strong local team which enables us to help you take advantage of the various attractions Romania can provide you with. 

A showpiece for agencies

Come to my Castle can be the trigger you need to convince your customer to bring his group to Transylvania/Romania and to choose for you as their partner agency.
The event is a once-in-a-lifetime experience as your guests will be in the middle of spectacle, as being part of it.

Event location

The concept was created for Bran Castle in Transylvania, but it can also be put down at any other location of your choice, as long as the location meets the technical and conceptual requirements of the original idea.

A tale of desire and drama

Bran Castle

The Legacy

Today, Bran Castle stands as a monument to both history and myth. It is a place where the past meets the supernatural, where the legend of Dracula continues to captivate the imaginations of those who dare to explore its haunted halls

A sinister setting

Imagine a dark, foggy night where the moon casts eerie shadows upon the castle's towers. The cold wind whispers through the trees, and the wolves howl in the distance. As you approach the foreboding structure, its gothic architecture looms, promising secrets within.

A journey through darkness

As you wander through the castle's rooms, each adorned with medieval artifacts, tapestries, and secret passageways, the line between history and legend blurs. The heavy wooden doors creak ominously, and the flickering candlelight casts dancing shadows that bring the past to life.

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